Weekly Update August 24-31

Waterfront developer plans 3,000-person music venue, restaurants, bowling alley and distillery

                    Former Ajax Metal Works

Developer Michael Samschick’s plans for the former Ajax Metal Works, at Frankford and Delaware Avenues in Fishtown, include a 3,000-person music venue, bowling alley, two restaurants and a distillery, and he wants to turn the dry ice building at 44  Richmond Street into a country and western establishment with live music, according to Fishtown Neighbors Association Zoning Committee Chair Matt Karp. Because the proposed project is located with the Central Delaware Overlay, the project requires PCPC approval on the plan of development.

Samschick met with the zoning committee which determined the proposal is ready for public presentation at the Sept. 11 Fishtown Neighbors Association meeting, which is open to the public.  The zoning committee did not take a position on the proposal but offered feedback, Karp said.  “We let Samschick’s team know that we were happy to see a reusing of existing buildings,” Karp said. None of the buildings would become taller, but Samschick intends to install a sign on top of the Ajax building, and put a slight addition on the dry ice building, Karp said.

See:  http://planphilly.com/waterfront-developer-plans-3000-person-music-venue-restaurants-bowling-alley-and-distillery-ajax-met

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