Weekly Update November 30-December 7

Spring Garden Street improvement project will better link NoLibs with the Delaware River


The RBA Group, the same firm designing and building the Penn Street portion of the Central Delaware multipurpose trail, will design the Spring Garden Connector project.  The Spring Garden Connector will likely include lights, landscaping, art and signage and will be geared toward making the use of Spring Garden Street as a means of getting between Northern Liberties and the river more obvious and pleasant. Other consultants working with RBA include Leni Schwendinger Light Projects Ltd. and the Lighting Practice.   The project goals are similar to those of the completed Race Street Connector, which ties Old City to the river at Race Street Pier, and the in-the-works Columbia Avenue Connector, which will do the same for Fishtown and Penn Treaty Park.

See:  http://planphilly.com/design-firm-hired-spring-garden-street-improvement-project-will-better-link-nolibs-delaware-river

Bill creating zoning regs for Central Delaware Waterfront not likely to be introduced until 2013

Legislation aimed at translating the principles of the Central Delaware Master Plan into zoning code won’t be introduced until the new year, according to First District Councilman Mark Squilla.   Squilla said he’ll introduce a bill creating the Central Delaware Overlay early in January, even if the stakeholders he’s been discussing potential language with aren’t completely satisfied. “You can’t just have meetings forever,” he said.  Squilla said he’s willing to have just one more, if it’s needed, before introducing the overlay.Representatives of the CityPlanning Commission, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, the Central Delaware Advocacy Group and the Development Workshop have been discussing the overlay with Squilla.  Major issues include:  How much access the public would have to the waterfront through private property, what mechanism would ensure access, and would that mechanism include a payment or other compensation for landowners. Liability issues have also been part of the discussion – who would be responsible if someone was hurt? This was resolved recently when the DRWC said it would include any future areas accessible to the public in its insurance policies.

See:  http://centraldelawareadvocacygroup.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

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