Weekly Update December 14-21

Canal Street North developer meets with NLNA, hears concerns about noise, parking, traffic

Developer Michael Samschick met with the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association’s zoning committee about Canal Street North, his proposed development at Canal Street, Delaware and Frankford Avenues, which will include a 3,000-seat concert space, bowling alley and a country western bar and grill.  Feedback Samschick received from NLNA will be forwarded to the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, which gave conditional approval to Samschick’s Plan of Development.  The PCPC vote means Samschick doesn’t have to come back before the board for this project, but he must meet the conditions the commission outlined, which includes a letter from the registered community organizations in the project area, Northern Liberties and Fishtown.

Fishtown Neighbors had already met with Samschick about the development itself, and voted in support of it. Members are especially enthusiastic about the adaptive reuse of buildings.  But like NLNA, FNA members also have parking concerns, and Tuesday night voted 12-32 against a lot proposed for Richmond Street, and 1 to 44 against a lot proposed for Delaware Avenue.  “The lots were voted against due to the fact that the community was not interested in having commercial uses and parking trickling into the residential section of the community,” said FNA Zoning Chair Matt Karp. “The Richmond and Marlborough street lot was the most disliked due to the need to demo existing buildings for only 49 spaces, max.”   Most of this phase of the development is in Fishtown. More of Phase II, which would begin at Laurel Street, will be in Northern Liberties.  Freedman said Samschick, who is known for not sharing much until he has secured tenants and nailed down a lot of details, didn’t say much about the second phase. “But he talked about how Phase II is just around the corner.”


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