New housing/retail plan floated for Delaware River waterfront

Renaissance Plaza, Phase 2

Carl Marks Real Estate plans to build a residential and retail  complex at the former World Trade Center  site on the Delaware River.  It calls for shorter towers, more retail, and more  public green space than the 430-foot-tall proposal floated last summer.

“It’s half the height, and a totally different plan,” said architect Bill  Alesker of Alesker & Dundon, before presenting the 1,411-rental apartment  design he and project attorney Hercules Grigos said was changed based on  feedback from civic organizations and the Philadelphia City Planning Commission.  The presentation was made to the Central Delaware Advocacy Group.

Under this year’s revamp, the tallest tower is 240 feet, and there are five  instead of four. The 1,411 units are mostly two-bedrooms with two equal-sized  master suites and one-bedroom units.

A swath of public green space would run through the property, which Grigos  said the development team believes will draw people from the neighborhoods  through the property, and down to the river.




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