Angler alert! Pier 68 may have to wait


The area outlined in red would become a new pier park focused on fishing. The area outside the red lines is the portion of the pier that needs to be removed.


The goal to open the new fishing pier and wetlands park behind the Walmart/Home Depot complex at Pier 68 was sometime this fall. A potential delay stems from damage to the river-end of the pier caused when a boat hit it years ago.

The cost to remove that section from the otherwise safe pier will determine how much money would be left in the $1 million set aside for the project, according to DRWC Vice President Joe Forkin and Planner/Project Manager Lizzie Woods.

An inspection of the pier revealed the damage. Cost estimates to remove the heavy concrete are beginning to develop has been estimated as sizable. When the estimate is determined, it will be made available.  The weight of the concrete and the need for special equipment in the water to do the work increase the cost.

The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation(DRWC) could hold off removing the end of the pier, fence it off, and build the planned amenities on the remaining majority of Pier 68 as an alternative.  However, that would make for a less aesthetically pleasing park, and create logistical problems for fishing and a potential liability for DRWC.

The $1 million currently slated for the project includes $500,000 in grant money from the William Penn Foundation, a $250,000 state grant, and $250,000 from the city.


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