January 12 2017 Minutes

Central Delaware Advocacy Group (CDAG) Board Minutes

January 12, 2017, 6:00 PM

Society Hill Towers Community Room – Recorded Attendance Attached

I.  Call to Order and Approval of Minutes

Matt Ruben, Chair, called the meeting to order at

6:00 p.m. A quorum was present.

The minutes from the 2016 November and December Board meetings were approved as submitted.

II. Officer Reports

Chair/Vice Chair: See Updates below

Treasurer: CDAG’s account balance is $2948.49.

Secretary: No report 

III. Updates on Waterfront Issues and Projects: Matt Ruben and Joe Schiavo

Festival Pier Site: DRWC has chosen a developer who asked for an extension for due diligence until February 21, 2017.

Spring Garden Connector: The Connector from west of Second Street to Delaware Avenue is completed and CDAG was represented at the Opening Celebration on December 20. The lighting may be programmed for different occasions.

Race Street Connector: The completion of the north side of the project is underway. One lane is  being modified to include a sidewalk. It is scheduled to be completed in the Spring.

81-95 Fairmount Avenue Historical Status: The historical status was approved by the Historical Commission.  However, this has been appealed by an attorney for the developer.

DeSimone Auto Group Parking:  The request for the parking zoning code variance was withdrawn.

They are now leasing a lot on the 600 block of N. Front Street and L&I has issued a violation related to the use of that lot.

Foxwoods Site:  The developer, Bart Blatstein, has divided the site into 3 subdivisions. A supermarket is being proposed for the north subdivision and a WAWA adjacent to Columbus Boulevard for the southern portion.  There is a concern about the connectors to the trail and the Conrail tracks in the median.

Pier 34 South: Three representatives of the CDAG Exec Board informally met with representatives of  the developer for the project. They discussed the possibility of using Pier 35S as a public park to get bonuses so they may build higher and may not have to obtain a variance. Current status unknown.

IV: Annual Election of 2017 CDAG Board Officers

The following nominations had previously been presented to the CDAG members for consideration:

President:          Matt Ruben

Vice President: Joe Schiavo, Dianne Mayer

Treasurer:         Jim Moss

Secretary:         Nina Zimmer

There were no further nominations, neither electronically or at the meeting from the floor.

A motion was made to approve the proposed slate of officers for an additional term.

The members unanimously voted to approve the slate of CDAG Officers as presented.       

Old Business: Changes to CDAG Policy on New Member Groups

Due to the small number of attendees at the meeting, and the inability of Andrew Goodman, the author of the suggested revisions, to attend the meeting and participate in the discussion, it was decided to not address the questions forwarded by Jim Moss on behalf of the Executive Committee in their entirety. The discussion focused on whether both condominiums and apartment buildings (Tenant Councils) should be admitted as new members to CDAG.

Comments offered:

  • Condominium Homeowners Associations and Tenant (large rental/apartment buildings) Councils were originally included when CDAG was created.
  • Concern: An increasing number of these constituencies could influence and tip CDAG decisions/votes.
  • Should these organizations be admitted to CDAG if there is an active civic association?
  • Current CDAG membership status: 8 civic associations, 4 homeowner associations, 2 non-profit interest groups.  Including the non-active associations, there are 19 members.
  • The 4 active homeowner association members, several of them closest to the waterfront, want a voice
  • There was a suggestion to simplify membership to include any group interested in the Waterfront and require an 80% approval vote for membership

Suggestions for vetting an organization:

  • Supporting CDAG’s current mission: protecting and defending the total Overlay; not region focused (those people closest to the waterfront should be participating in CDAG)
  • Group has shown dedication to and concern about the vision of the waterfront
  • There should be safeguards for inclusiveness

No resolution was submitted and the discussion will continue at the February meeting.

  1. Old Business: There was no old business.
  2. New Business: There was no new business

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.