CDAG Board Minutes March 9, 2017, 6:00 PM

Central Delaware Advocacy Group (CDAG) Board Minutes

March 9, 2017, 6:00 PM

Society Hill Towers Community Room  

  1. Call to Order and Approval of Minutes

Matt Ruben, Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m. A quorum was present.

It was noted that there was no February meeting.

The minutes from the 2017 January Board meeting were approved as submitted.

  1. Officer Reports

                                     Chair/Vice Chair: See Updates below

                                     Treasurer: CDAG’s account balance is $4300.00?

     Secretary: A quorum is present. 

III. Updates on Waterfront Issues and Projects: Matt Ruben and Joe Schiavo                               

Festival Pier Site: DRWC has chosen a developer and due diligence has been completed. It is moving       into the 15-month approval phase. Several interagency items are still pending.  A public       presentation will be made in Northern Liberties in April.

Introduction of Ordinance: Street Right-of-Way and Curb Cut Amendments to Central Delaware Overlay (Quotes are from the Ordinance):

  1. Impact on Festival Pier site: Two river-access streets, Spring Garden and Noble Streets, will count as one curb cut. “Where a river access street has been extended to intersect with the Delaware River, such extended river access street shall not be considered a curb cut.”
  2. Blocking Right of Way to Delaware River: “Prohibited Permanent Structures. Where a river access street, if extended, would intersect with the Delaware River, no permanent structure shall be constructed within the right-of-way of the extension of such street. For the purposes of this section, if the right-of-way has a width of greater than 70 feet, the right-of-way shall be deemed to include only a 70-foot-wide path located entirely within the boundaries of the street, as extended. If a single person or entity owns the entire extension of the street within the boundaries of this Overlay District, then such owner shall designate where the 70-foot-wide path shall be located, so long as it is located entirely within the boundaries of the street, as extended, and, so far as practicable, runs parallel to such boundaries. If a single person or entity does not own the entire extension of the street, the 70-foot-wide path shall be located equidistant from each of the two outer edges of the street, as extended.”

Reed St/Former Foxwoods Site:  The developer, Bart Blatstein, has divided the site into 3

subdivisions.  There is zoning for a supermarket with parking proposed for the north subdivision. A WAWA adjacent to Columbus Boulevard for the southern portion which would have adjacent gas pumps.  The location of the gas pumps is a concern and CDAG will continue to monitor this issue. The third portion would be residential.  The site would need a traffic light for a

      Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Legislation: This City Council legislation calls for higher density for increased development and less parking requirements if land   is within 500 feet of a transit stop.  The theory is that if more people live adjacent to transit hubs, more people will use transit more regularly. Some stations proposed as candidates for this overlay are the elevated Spring Garden Street and Girard Avenue and the Fairmount Avenue subway stops.

      New Townhouses Planned The plan for townhouses on Pier 35 ½ (old Trump hi-rise site) would be built with by-right zoning, and therefore not subject to special review and approval. Concern was expressed re the location of the entrance to the property and it was advised that Councilman Squilla be contacted.

The plan for townhouses next to Penn Treaty Park would also be in this category.

IV: Old Business:  Changes to CDAG Policy on New Member Groups

Based on previous discussions, the Board was presented with a series of questions related to new member groups.  These questions provided the direction for the issues and resulting motions addressed and voted upon below.

The following motions will require a revision of the CDAG bylaws and/or policies.  The CDAG Executive Committee will revise/re-write the related provisions which will then be brought before the CDAG Board for approval. 

  1. Groups Eligible to Apply for CDAG Membership:

Discussion: It was noted that CDAG is a private organization and, as such, has full discretion related to membership.  The original executive order for the composition of CDAG included some members that were not in the Central Delaware Overlay. Members were ongoing, geographically defined.  There was clarification that “eligible to apply” does not mean “automatically gets in.” CDAG always retains their discretion case-by-case.

    • Civic Associations: Approved with qualifier
      • Partially or Totally in the Overlay
    • Community Development Corporations: Approved
    • Homeowners Associations: Approved with qualifiers
      • If covered (share a boundary) by a civic association: with demonstrated minimum of 250 units and demonstrated 51% owner-occupied units
      • If no related civic association: minimum number shall not apply
    • Issue-Oriented Nonprofits: Approved
    • Tenant Associations: Approved with qualifiers
      • If covered by a civic association:  a minimum of 250 members
      • If no related civic association: minimum number shall not apply
    • Business Improvement/Special Service Districts: Not Approved
  1. Application Process

Homeowner Associations and Tenant Associations must:

    • provide evidence of requirements listed above.
    • detail relationship with home civic association
    • detail governance structure
  1. Admissions Process

CDAG shall require a 75% majority vote to accept a new member.  Approved

  1. CDAG Board Composition

New membership applications from non-civics shall be explicitly discussed with every new application. They shall be put on hold if the resulting percentage of non-civics in CDAG is more than 25%.  Approved

  1. Old Business: There was no old business.
  1. New Business: Penn’s Landing Maintenance:  This issue will be discussed the April meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm.