We Won! Councilman Squilla Holds CDO Bill

Thanks to the overwhelming opposition expressed to Councilman Squilla’s CDO bill, a press statement was issued yesterday, confirming that the CDO bill is being put on hold and will NOT be voted on at today’s Rules Committee hearing.

CDAG has further confirmed that the bill will NOT be voted on at any other committee hearing that might take place between tomorrow and when Council adjourns later this month.

However, he does plan on bringing it to a meeting of the Rules Committee in late July or early August. And therefore he is not withdrawing it. He wants there to be a firm end-date for the process.

So… this affords 6-8 weeks for a proper process. As per the sentiment at the June CDAG meeting, it is clear that in addition to working to amend the CDO in ways that make it better (and of course to fight any amendment that would undermine it), we must demand a public process to vet the issues before any final language is set.

Also, for those who wish to continue to press the larger issue of process, and the unmet demand for withdrawal, any public process to discuss the bill, will as a matter of course also allow an opportunity for the continued expression of our concerns about the way the process was handled here.

Savor the positive developments in what gives many of us the stamina to keep fighting and moving forward. We hope to be able to have a public forum for further discussion at the July CDAG meeting; more information will be sent as soon as we have it.

Thank you everyone for signing the petition and contacting Councilman Squilla, YOUR PARTICIPATION MADE A DIFFERENCE.

Dianne Mayer for CDAG