What We Do

CDAG works with other stakeholders for waterfront development that ensures public access to the river, builds on economic assets and connects the city to the river. Our board represents both residents and businesses that inhabit the 7-mile Central Delaware riverfront area from Allegheny Avenue to Oregon Avenue, and citizens of the larger region.  This powerful civic voice is informed and amplified by the professional expertise of our dedicated nonprofit partners.

  • We advocate for the 10 objectives in the Action Plan for the Central Delaware – a ten-step blueprint of achievable goals that will establish the framework for world-class riverfront development on the Delaware, in just ten years.
  • We advocate for policy and development consistent with the Master Plan for the Central Delaware – a polished framework  for transforming the Central Delaware into a beautiful, practical, sustainable, economically vibrant, and truly Philadelphian waterfront.
  • We offer a forum for meaningful dialogue among the riverfront communities, the public sector, private land owners, and developers to achieve appropriate, effective, land-use planning approaches consistent with the principles of the Civic Vision.

In addition:

  • CDAG board occupies a seat on the DRWC board to ensure that the interests of the public are represented in all riverfront development and land management issues.
  • CDAG board members regularly participate in City Council sessions and Planning Commission meetings to promote and protect key elements of the Civic Vision, Action Plan,  and Master Plan.
  • CDAG representatives engage in public outreach and education of the Civic Vision and Action Plan in local communities and at public events such as the annual Shad Fest and River City Festival.
  • CDAG created the Action Plan Progress Report to regularly inform the public of the city’s progress toward achieving the goals of the 10-point Action Plan.
  • CDAG is a Registered Community Organization (RCO) hosting public meetings reviewing zoning applications that seek exceptions to the codified standards, and participation in Civic Design Review, as required.