July, 2019 Minutes

July CDAG Board Meeting
Thursday, July 11, 2019
Society Hill Towers Community Room
85 Saint James Place

6:00 pm: Call to Order
6:10 pm
Central Delaware Overlay Update presentation— 
Ian Litwan from Planning Commission: New proposed changes to Base/CDO                                                                                                                                                

  • Uses — Prohibit auto-related uses (such as gas stations) everywhere in the /CDO, except within certain industrial zones.
  • Ground Floor Uses — Remove ‘residences’ from list of permitted ground floor uses. Change 75% requirement to a flexible scale to limit residential ground floor frontage to provide active uses.
  • Height Limits — Current limit of 100’ does not correlate well with building practices. Recommendation is to lower base height limit while allowing for more bonus height. This slightly reduces overall allowable height.
  • Gross Floor Area (GFA) — On lots within the Special Flood Hazard Area, mechanical equipment areas above the ground floor may be excluded from GFA and floor area ratio (FAR) calculations.
  • Form & Design – add building width and spacing controls, add 50’ spacing requirement for primary residential entries
  • Height and Density Bonuses— lower bonus for retail space from 48’ to 24’, increase max bonus for open space from 24’ to 48’, add new bonus for stormwater management (up to 48’), remove 3-acre lot size, remove limit on FAR bonuses within /CDO
  • Proposed Optional Approval Path— 
    • applies only to CMX-3, 4, 5; applies East of Delaware Ave/Columbus Blvd.; any project that requires a variance is ineligible. 
    • Required public benefits; mixed-income housing, open space, trail connections, stormwater management
    • Waivers; height limits, parking minimums
    • Revised approval process

Opened up to questions from the group. Parking was brought up, Port activity, and I-95 traffic.

Councilman Squilla needs to have a Committee Hearing in order to pass this overlay legislation. Will have another stakeholder meeting and gain consensus.

**Motion authorizing CDAG reps to participate in next stakeholder meeting: Samantha, motion seconded. Vote: 9 for motion passes. 0 abstain, 0 objected

7:14 pm: Anderson/Beach Street site, master plan— Nando gave an overview of this site, by-right, 1134 parking spaces, 248 single houses, townhomes, and 4 apartment buildings facing Beach St., 1 acre park in center, connection to the trail. Review of the plan. 
The “Ask” is — How can their plan be modified to create more of a neighborhood and add value? Orient the buildings to a street, river, city view, etc. 
DAG pointed out that there’s no connection to the waterfront, lack of open space, poor views/orientation. Are supportive if adjustments are made – this can be much better. Need Placemaking. Spacing and Orientation of building frontages makes the differences. This is an inwardly-oriented plan, minimal waterfront connectivity, the rowhome block types are akin to the superblocks of public housing, value of streets and open space is marginal.
DAG and CDAG to sit down with the developer to discuss bettering the design. – DAG to coordinate.

7:37 pm: Old Business
CDAG has gotten push-back on our RCO renewal from Planning Commission. 2 issues: they want us need to provide exact boundaries of the RCO. They are considering us as a coalition. We may not get our RCO designation. 

7:43 pm:  New Business— none

7:46 pm: Adjournment