Action Plan

The central Delaware is central to Philadelphia’s future. The time to take action to create a vibrant, open, green, connected central Delaware riverfront is now. Philadelphia has an extraordinary opportunity to create a world-class riverfront along the central Delaware, but it must act now.

Building on the foundation supplied by the civic vision, the goal of this action plan is to define concrete, doable actions needed to redevelop the river over the next ten years in agreement with the civic vision

The ActionPlan calls for the following Ten Objectives in 10 years:

  1. Appoint an open, accountable, effective waterfront manager.
  2. Adopt clear zoning, a detailed master plan and a coordinated regulatory policy.
  3. Build a continuous, 7-mile trail along the central Delaware riverfront.
  4. Create new parks and improve two existing parks.
  5. Guarantee public access to the riverfront and make it easier for residents to walk and bike to the river.
  6. Extend transit to the river.
  7. Extend key streets to the river
  8. Manage traffic and parking in the central Delaware area.
  9. Create a 100-foot greenway along the water’s edge.
  10. Create a natural river’s edge and restore habitat.